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Transport, distribution and logistics tailored to every customer.
Transport has become an integral part of our modern-day economy. It is an indispensable link in the value chain of every business.

For Corneel Geerts Transport Group, it has been a speciality for over half a century of which we are particularly proud. Reliability, flexibility, an individual approach and specialisation are watchwords for us in our vision of the service we offer.
By offering transport, distribution and logistics under the umbrella of Corneel Geerts Transport Group, we can always suggest the most customer-focused and cost-effective solution for our customers. As a family business, we seek to build long-term relationships with our customers.

We are proud to reflect on performance of over 98.5%! In concrete terms, that means that we deliver 985 out of 1000 shipments exactly on time as requested by our customers.
Corneel Geerts Transport Group keeps its full independance as a 100% transport organisation and for more then half a century has an excellent reputation in reliability, safety, frexibility and accuracy.