Wine Transportation Brussel Ghent Antwerp

✔ Surrounded by the best care from the vintner to the glass.

✔ Transporting wine has a special place in our company’s history; wine transport has grown into one of our major specializations. Corneel Geerts Transport Group is a partner you can trust both for importing wines from around the world and for all European road transport for wines. One of the reasons it has become a specialization is the co-development of and investment in a specific range of trailers.

✔ Corneel Geerts Transport Group offers over half a century of expertise in global wine transport.

✔ Wine import LCL (Less Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) from Argentina, Australia, California (USA), Chile and South Africa.

✔ Transport services from FOB ports (Free On Board) to FOT destinations (Free On Truck) for Argentina, Australia, California, Chile and South Africa at highly competitive prices.

✔ Tailored quotes for LTL (Less than truckload shipping), FTL (Full Truckload), FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less than container load) according to your information for each order.

✔ Wine transport within Europe from all wine-producing countries.

✔ Our expertise translates into highly competitive prices.

✔ We guarantee a customer-focused approach for every shipment.

✔ An up-to-date track & trace system coupled with an in-house Transport Management System (TMS) allows the location of the transport to be determined at any time.

✔ The CG box trailers minimize the impact of temperature fluctuations on the sensitive freight.

✔ Our CG safety trailers are ideal for fast side loading and unloading. They also work perfectly for multi-mode transport (water, roro, train Hucke-pack).

✔ Very efficient theft-protection.

✔ Corneel Geerts Transport Group ensures that the customer’s specific instructions are followed to the smallest detail.

✔ We provide appropriate customs handling.

✔ Consolidated deliveries are possible as well, delivery to retail outlets and to hotels and restaurants.

✔ On line POD is offered in order to be able to track cargo receiver upon delivery.