Always ready !
The ‘Corneel Geerts Flyer’ courier service is ready to meet any urgent transport requirements that our customers may have on a 24/7 basis. It is an ‘express service’ in every sense of the word. We can provide a specific solution and quote for any urgent transport problem within half an hour. All shipments can be tracked in real time with our track & trace system.

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CG Flyer service:

  • We offer you exclusive use of one of our trucks, who transport your shipments non-stop from A to B.

CG Flyer Transit times:

  • 40 km = 1h30
  • 70 km = 2h00
  • 100 km = 2h30
  • 130 km = 3h00
  • 160 km = 3h30
  • 190 km = 4h00
  • 220 km = 4h30
  • 250 km = 5h00
  • Ect.. every extra 50 km = 1h00 extra

CG Flyer adventages:

  • With one phone call, you have immediately:
    • Exact time of loading
    • Exact time of delivery
    • Exact price for transport


  • If we are 4h00 late at destination, no payment need to be done.

CG FLYER Transport insurance:

  • Everything according CMR conditions.
  Tel: +32 475 70 75 60 | Mail:      

CG FLYER is the cheapest and fastest express service in europe