Quality policy Corneel Geerts Transportgroup nv

Corneel Geerts Transportgroup wants to be a reliable, flexible partner for his customers and provides requested services with an individual approach, high-quality and cost-efficiency.

Also Corneel Geerts Transportgroup strives for pro-active communication, which they try to guarantee by means of their own developed track-and-trace systems.

All this will lead to increased customer satisfaction, in order to maintain the growth of the organization.

This is why the management choose to innovate a quality system, conform the international standard ISO9001:2015.

In this context the management will strive to keep the employees motivated, satisfied and trained. The necessary resources will be determined and will be provided by the organization.

Also the management is committed to respect the applicable laws and regulations and the striving for continuous improvement in terms of quality.

Vision Corneel Geerts Transportgroup NV

Transport is a very important link in the value of every company.

The necessities for today are:

  • The need for pro-active reporting.
  • Implement a permanent specialization.
  • Personalized and flexible approach.

Thanks to our track & trace system, which is present in every CG truck:

  • We can work in a very pro-active way.

CG is partner of 2 leading organizations in logistical networks for distribution in Europe:

  • Distri24
  • IFA organization

This provides quality, customer-oriented staff and professionalism towards our customers.

Mission Corneel Geerts Transportgroup NV

Offering transport and distribution in Europe with emphasis on:

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Cost efficiency
  • Transparency

Always offering a flexible and customer-oriented solution.