As a transport company with over half a century of experience, we have increasingly been focusing on logistics services in the last few years, as a logical complement to our transport activities.

  • 4 logistics branches, spread strategically across Benelux: Antwerp (BE), Maasmechelen (BE), Brugges (BE) and Venlo (NL).
  • All our logistics branches are connected directly to our transport and distribution network.
  • Over 20,000 m² storage space at our site in Maasmechelen and over 11,000 m² at our site in Venlo.
  • Our logistics center in Maasmechelen has an excellent connection to the port of Antwerp via barges over Albert Canal via the port of Genk.
  • Our logistics center in Venlo is strategical connected with the port of Rotterdam via the largest EU container terminal in Venlo and with the international rail terminal in Duisburg DE (silk route China) in the Rhein/Rhur area.
  • Maasmechelen and Venlo are our largest logistics sites, where all Eastern, North and South EU countries connect with our transport and distribution network.
  • Due to its strategic location, we also functions as an ideal gateway for international partners to connect to our transport and distribution network.
  • Storage and goods handling.
  • Pick & Pack.
  • System for online inbound & outbound.
  • Advanced online follow-up system.
  • Storage capacity for over 4000 pallets.
  • Own customs administration department.
  • Storage space in accordance with ADR specifications.
  • Our logistic warehouse :
  •  Real Time Stock Control
  •  Customs depots
  •  Strategic distribution locations
  •  In 1000 km you reach all important cities
    of Europe
  •  Unloading & Re-loading
  •  FIFO procedures possible (First In, First Out)
  •  Long Term Savings
  •  Perfect for your RDC (Regional Distribution


Location Venlo and Maasmechelen, Center of Europe :
 Radius of 250 km.
o Brussels, Zeebrugge, Kortrijk, Lille, Rotterdam,
Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Venlo, Achen,
Gelsenkirchen, Luxemburg.
 Radius of 500 km
o Paris, Dijon, Metz, London, Calle, Dover, Stuttgart,
Freiburg, Hamburg, Basel, Bern.
 Radius of 750 km
o Nantes, Lyon, Nice, Milan, Venice, Berlin, Prague,
Vienne, Bratislava, Poznan, Copenhagen.
 Radius of 1000 km
o Barcelona, Bilbao, Rome, Firenze, Bologna,
Budapest, Warsaw, Goteborg, Dublin.
 Radius of 1250 km
o Madrid, Léon, Bernard, Lviv, Kaliningrad, Vilnius,
Stockholm, Oslo, Bergen, Skopje, Sofia