• Special materials, trailers and warehouse equipment give us the possibility to handle different types of tires. Up to 3 ton tires can be x-docked and distributed through Europe.
  • Our team is trained to load and strap the different type of tires into our equipment using for delivery.
  • The diversity of equipment gives us the flexibility to transport tires and at the same time handle it with care and protect the tires from external influences.
  • Trailers with tail lift, open side and open roof make it possible to deliver at all different unloading places and circumstances.
  • Standing trailers can be used on loading places to give time and flexibility to make the most efficient loading planning by the shipping address.
  • All tires are foreseen of labeling and will be scanned by manipulating the tires during transport on every x-dock platform.
  • CG transport management system is built to give customers the possibility to have a track & trace with real time status updates which is unique in Europe.
  • On line POD is offered in order to be able to track cargo receiver upon delivery