Third Generation At The Board At Transport Company Geerts

by | Jun 3, 2020 | News

Kenneth Geerts joins the board of directors at transport company Corneel Geerts. His two brothers preceded 22-year-old Kenneth. “We want to make it a success.”

Kenneth already has experience in the company, including as a planner for the Benelux and France services of the company. He recently joined the board of directors, which also includes his brothers Sven (31) and Kevin (29).

Whether it was written in the stars that he also went into the family business: “Yes and no. We have always been given freedom of choice at home, but naturally we ended up in the family business.”

Kenneth combined the job with cycling for a while, but now focuses entirely on the job. “These are long days, but no two days are the same. Sometimes with a little stress and frustration, but that is part of the challenge. I start at 8:00 am, follow up on the drivers, communicate with customers and drivers, plan extra shipments. From 4 p.m. work is planned for the next day. Usually I finish around 8 p.m.

Whether he ever sees himself working elsewhere? “Maybe in the future, but currently my focus and that of my brothers is on our company. We really want to make it a success.”